Thank you for listening!

Thank you for listening to my recent conversation with Dr. Jason Loken ND on the Inspire Health podcast. The Inspire Health podcast features inspirational leaders, visionaries and game changers in the fields of health and wellness, mind/body medicine, spirituality and more. I enjoyed my time on the show and know Dr. Loken and I share many common interests.

As promised, you can download a digital copy of my book, Growing Younger, plus The Victory Song pineal tones and the syllables so that you can sing along. Share your name and email address with me and you will have instant access to download them.

Read the book and see what you can fit into your life. Listen to the tones and tell us what you discover. Did anything change for you somehow? Did it relieve stress, or open your mind or heart? Send us a message and let us know. We would love to hear from you!

All my best,
– Dr. Todd